Week Meeting


Week Meeting

Every Monday will hold an meeting .The main purpose of the meeting is to adjust the status and make a reasonable arrangement for the work of the week.

Meeting aim to get the below result :

1. the last week work finished or not .,why and how to improve。create organizational learning culture, establish mutual inspection, supervision and assessment mechanism, focus on the company's brand culture, and guide the enterprise's behavior, Improve the core competitiveness.

2. to make sure there is no order miss。Through the planning of the morning meeting, the leadership ability, organization ability, expression ability and command ability of the management personnel will be greatly improved.

3. if get complain from customer ,must first time to find the reason and given feedback information.

4. update every items production schedule.

5. new products conditions by using the morning meeting, we can explain new products, new methods and new processes, improve the technical level of employees, and at the same time, we can inculcate quality concept and publicize various policies of the company. Education should be carried out from beginning to end.

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