Installation Guide

Installation instruction
1. The use of steering oil pump:
Choose the right oil pump according to the vehicle performance requirements and power steering gear basic parameters.
2. The use of oil
The steering system should be filled with steering fluid according to the criterion. The gear oil which is 26mm2/S viscosity ( temperature 50°C ) and freezing point less than -35°C is recommended. And the recommended criterion will be Dexron or Mercon-M. The oil temperature in power steering gear should between -40°C and 120°C.
3. Filter : net type filter
4. When installing the power steering gear, there is no use to adjust it.

 The oil pipe should be installed correctly. Do not mix up the inlet with the outlet; otherwise the power steering gear will be damaged.
 Always keep the inside of power steering gear clean.
 The power steering gear is operated by the car engine which drives the oil pump, so the car must not slide when flameout, otherwise it will cause steering problem.
 The driver cannot turn the power steering gear to the limit for more than 5 seconds. Please turn it a little back when you turn it to the limit, otherwise the oil pump may be damaged.
 The spool has been adjusted to its best state and other parts should not be dismantled.
 The oil seal and the junk ring which dismantled when repairing should not be used again.
 The oil refueled should be the same as the original one.
 If the hydraulic system breaks down and cannot work, the driver should increase strength so as to rotate the car temporarily.
 When you assemble and dismantle the power steering system, please don’t strike or hit the parts strongly, and please keep it clean, any foreign material in the steering system is forbidden.

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