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How to Order

Our company provides an order production, process is as follows:
1. Signing the sales contract .Usually we would make the Performa Invoice(PI). In the PI, we should clearly state the unit price, total amount, quantity, payment item, delivery item, company info, acount info, responsibility, etc..
2. After signing the contract, the customer should pay in full or pay the deposit, according to the contract. And then there are two situation.
 Our company have products in stock, we will arrange the shipment.
 Our company have no products in stock, and we will arrange the production. Once we finish the production, we will inform the customers to talk about the shipment.
3. Before the shipment, we will contact the shipping agent and customer should pay off the balance.
4. Deliver the goods.
5. The consignee take the B/L to pick up the goods. 

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