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About Us

DKM power steering rack


Company Vision:

Become a globally competitive global automotive steering wheel supplier

Company mission:

To provide customers with better steering stability of the car steering wheel, to protect the healthy life of customers.


Dedication, integrity, cooperation, learning, improvement

Innovation, Excellence, Excellence, Respect for Thanksgiving

Product market concept:

Promote customer development with excellent quality, excellent service and competitive price

Company business philosophy:

I am the root of everything, no impossible

Company management philosophy:

Humanization, institutionalization, systematization, transparency

As a Chinese traditional culture Confucianism, "Family-regulating, State governing, Self-cultivating" is the attitude of the world. "Home" is one of the themes of Confucianism. The Chinese pay attention to the family concept, the sense of responsibility to the family and the motivation of the family to promote personal growth and the realization of life goals. Our company is the "home" of all employees, so that each employee has a sense of belonging and security. Another proposition of Confucianism is “cultivation” as the basis for “Family-regulating” and “State governing”. Employees must constantly self-learn, self-deny, self-improve, and self-transcend while working, thus experimenting with higher goals with the company.

First, the corporate philosophy: people-oriented, meritocracy.

    In order to maintain the company's good state and corporate image, creating talents is an important way for our company to develop enterprises, improve work efficiency, and achieve work results. It is the first product of the company. For this reason, the company advocates the concept of talents: people-oriented, meritocracy.

The company adheres to the comprehensive evaluation of virtue, talent, body and ability, and the principle of employing people first. It is a prerequisite for keeping the company in good shape. To this end, the talent environment advocated by the company is: unity and competition, and interactive development.

We can work hard to cultivate excellent talents, and make education and training an important part of company management. We will establish a strong, stable and highly competitive collective with our own good reputation and strict management.

Second, management philosophy: standard, control, and transparency.

Establishing a set of rules and regulations for company management to regulate corporate behavior and employee behavior is the foundation of our company's corporate management. The company's quality management philosophy is: "Do not seek the biggest, but seek the best, perfect, and wholehearted."

The company's internal management philosophy is: finance, capital, talent allocation, must be highly centralized and unified, strictly controlled according to procedures and regulations, and minimize the risk, which is the principle of our company's operation and management.

The company's management activities at all levels, through modern information management methods, open, transparent, and information resources sharing.

The company consistently pursues the development of products in the high and sophisticated, and strives to standardize and advance the management system. To this end, the company takes the initiative to embark on the development path of quality certification, and is committed to improving management and maximizing the quality of products.

Third, the business philosophy: steady development, wholeheartedly.

       The company must adhere to the principle of pragmatism and stability. Through modern information management methods, rational allocation of funds, repeated research and investigation of the market, seeking the best combination of breakthrough innovation and steady development, focusing on domestic enterprises while seeking multi-party cooperation with foreign countries, and finally going abroad to make enterprises become worldwide. enterprise.

Fourth, the concept of life: Family-regulating, State governing, Self-cultivating

       The company requires employees to have a strong sense of responsibility, proficient in professional technology and business. The company respects the personal wishes of employees, personal choice and personal privacy, promotes science, healthy and rich life, advocates employees to develop diligent learning, diligent work, diligently regulate their own behavior, and love the personality of employees.

The company requires employees to achieve success in their careers, and to better balance their families, to make the two develop harmoniously, to pursue career and life, to improve their self-cultivation, to be responsible for the family, responsible for the cause, and complete. people.

Quality policy:

Customer first, quality first;

Keep improving and continuous improvement.


Quality goal:

1. Strictly implement the ISO/TS 16949-2002 international quality standard certification;

2. The customer's complaint rate is less than 1%.

3. The internal/external bad quality cost ratio is less than 3.5%;

4. The approval rate of production parts is greater than 95%;

General Manager: Deng Hongquan

June 1, 2001

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